Classes at KidzKitchen

Class Fees

The cost per class is $49.00 per child, including all ingredients.

Ages 5 – 7 Discover

Children at this age love to do things themselves and this class will give them the skills to discover their potential to prepare simple and healthy food.

Classes include:

Simple Meals

A simple easy meal with dessert. Menus vary depending on the attendees, examples of techniques shown are how to pane, panfry, roast, bake and no-cook items such as hummus and basic vegetable salads. Menu Sample: Burgers or Wraps with Wedges and a dessert.
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All Ages - Create

These classes focus on bringing together components to create dishes that are healthy and filling. Classes are for all ages.

Classes include:

Fasta Pasta

Pasta made from scratch and a sauce to go with it plus a dessert. Participants will mix the dough for the pasta, knead, roll, cut, and cook the pasta. They will also prepare the ingredients and make the sauce and dessert. Open to ages 5 to 16.
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Wraps & Baking

Four menu items including a wrap or stuffed pita, a muffin, a cookie, and a baked savoury. A step towards lunchbox independence! Open for ages 5 to 16.
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Ages 8 – 14 Impress

These classes emphasise organisation and presentation in food preparation. We cover basic cooking skills and techniques as well as variations on recipes.

Classes include:

Cooking to Impress

A three course meal (starter, main and dessert) to impress friends and family. This is a great start to building a recipe and skill repertoire for the future.
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Cook Together - Adult & Child

A class for two - an adult and child cooking together.

Classes include:

Bring An Adult

A great way to work together to learn new skills and produce a fabulous three course meal.
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