All About KidzKitchen

There are many benefits to cooking for children, for example:

  • Enhance reading skills by encouraging your children to read our simple instructions.
  • Exercise math skills through the measuring of ingredients. Setting a timer helps with the concept of time.
  • Waiting helps develop the virtue of patience.
  • Being creative is important for boosting self confidence.
  • Pride comes from a job well done and cleaning up is an important life skill.

Healthy Eating

In today’s busy society, many parents find themselves in a position where they are either too tired or have no time to teach their kids how to cook. This has led to more and more kids growing up eating unhealthy food straight from a packet or tin, depriving them of the knowledge and pleasure of preparing a home grown, cooked meal.

Our dishes are easy to make. We avoid using artificial flavours, colours and preservatives and promote low fat, low cholesterol recipes. Simple affordable ingredients make simply delicious wholesome snacks for your family!

We don’t load our recipes with excessive amounts of fat and sugar, but we do load them with great taste! All of our recipes have been “KidzKitchen approved” by our panel of “little” tasters and even though they were designed with children in mind, grown-ups find them just as delicious!

Getting Kids Motivated

KidzKitchen introduces children of all ages to cooking using delicious and nutritious ingredients. We strive to bring busy families together at the table and in the kitchen by cooking up exciting culinary adventures! We believe in the up-close, hands on approach to boost confidence and motivate you to better, healthier home cooking.

Meals made together just taste better uniting families at the dinner table is a proven tool for raising smarter, safer, more secure kids. It’s also well-known that kids who participate in meal preparation are much more likely to expand their culinary horizons and tastes by eating what they make.


Our priority at KidzKitchen is the safety and well being of the children. We want everyone to enjoy a great time and have fun at each class. At a basic level, all children should be equipped with the knowledge to prepare simple, easy, affordable and healthy meals.

Each class will not exceed 12 children and be closely supervised at all times. The premises are commercially approved and in accordance with Health, Hygiene and Safety requirements, care has been taken to eliminate exposure to accidents. A First Aid Kit and Fire Extinguisher will be readily available during all sessions and all our chefs are trained First Aiders.

Additional Services

Additional services include parent-child cook-groups and custom cookery lessons for children aged five and older. We can bring our cooking adventures to children’s parties, local schools and community organizations for a tasty enrichment programme.